Embed Google My Maps in Your Blog or Website

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Use the below tool to embed a Google My Map in your blog or website and manually tweak the settings for its display.

Enter the info for your Google My Map below to create the HTML code to embed your map. These numbers can be found in the the long Google My Map URL. Check the "Link to this page" link on the top right part of the Google My Map page. Once you have entered data into each blank, click the button to generate the code needed to embed the map into your website.

Example Google Map Link:

If your map link doesn't have Latitude & Longitude - drag the map around with your mouse and check the link again.

Zoom Level: (1-17) example = 10

Latitude: (center of the map view) ex. = 29.157

Longitude: (center of the map view) ex. = -94.977

Map Height: (how many pixels) ex. = 400

Map Width: (how many pixels) ex. = 500

Google MSID: (from your map URL) ex. = 113069870020760206349.00000111cd1ba66e696fc

Map Display Type: Normal Map           Satellite           Hybrid

Display Type Buttons on the Map: No Yes


If you can't get it to work - post the link in the comments below and I'll fix it.

If you don't like the link at the bottom of the map it's easy to hide it via the iframe parameters, but please put a link somewhere on your site if you appreciate this service.

This example code:

<iframe src="http://ongopongo.com/maps/embed.php?z=11&la=29.36&lo=-94.76&h=400&w=500&msid=113069870020760206349.00000111cd1ba66e696fc&type=G_NORMAL_MAP&b=no" style="width: 504px; height: 424px;"></iframe>

Will display this:


How to visualize Satellite map?

I have the code to insert in my blog, but I visualize only Map. I must insert additional code?

How to Make it a Satellite Map

The map embed tool has been updated - see above.

Test out the new code and let me know. Notice the code changed mapit.php is now maps/embed.php


Thanks so much!

Internet Explorer & polylines

My map has some polylines.
When embedded in my page with your tool, polylines are visible only with firefox, not with internet explorer.
Moreover, IE says that there is an error during the visualization of the page.


Internet Explorer Compatibility Fix for Polylines

The map embedding tool has been updated - see above.

Use this if you want better IE compatibility with displaying all the Google Map's features.

That should work for you. Let me know if there's any problems. It's been tested with all common blog software like Blogger, Blogspot, and Wordpress.

IE sucks.

mapie.php doesn't work,

mapie.php doesn't work, neither with IE nor with Firefox: I can't see any maps on the page, not only polylines...
Try it yourself. This is the link of MyMaps:


Thanks, Alessandro

Try the new update above

let me know what you think - now with better Internet Explorer and Firefox support for MyMaps.

Thanks a lot! It works!

Thanks a lot! It works!

Sat/Map/Hybrid buttons?

Can I add these buttons to the map that's generated?

Thx, Dave

Support for Map Type Select (Map, Satellite, Hybrid)

If you want to have the three buttons to select the map type:

Select the option in the new menu at the top of this page.

Not quite.

The buttons appear but now the map area is blank. Strangely the "ongopongo maps" text is now at the top.

Here's the code (the original has angle not curly brackets):

{iframe src="http://ongopongo.com/mapit.php?z=5&la=48&lo=7&h=640&w=640&msid=117814459295685207322.000001125854094253cf7" style="width: 640px; height: 662px;"}{/iframe}

Forgot to mention I'm using firefox


Try it again

And let me know if there's anything else. It should show the buttons when the option is selected.

Cool it's working - Thanks!

I would prefer it to default to Map if possible.

Just a thought - would it be possible to add a couple of parameters to set the type and control whether the buttons appear?

Type=(M)ap, (S)at, (H)ybrid




...for setting the default to map!

Sat/Map/Hybrid and IE fix

Is there a way to have the Sat/Map/Hybrid buttons and IE fix work together? I agree that IE sucks, but many folks still use it.

Thanks. Fantastic tool!

Check out the updated tool above

It should work for everything now. I re-wrote the whole thing.

Placeholder on map

This is a really elegant solution. Thank you! I am having only one problem: my placeholder does not appear. You can see my results here:


Have I done something wrong on my original gmap?

The MSID is wrong in your

The MSID is wrong in your code. It should be 100474629513067557535.00000112d943e8affa1c7 instead of 100474629513067557535.100474629513067557535.100474629513067557535.100474629513067557535.00000112d943e8affa1c7.

It looks like the first part of it got duplicated a few times. Just remove the first two instances of 100474629513067557535. and it will work just fine.

Like this:

<iframe src="http://ongopongo.com/maps/embed.php?z=15&la=38.042565&lo=-78.509696&h=400&w=500&msid=100474629513067557535.00000112d943e8affa1c7&type=G_NORMAL_MAP&b=yes" style="width: 504px; height: 424px;"></iframe>

Generate Code button not working

I plugged in all the numbers, but when i went to hit generate code nothing happened. Can you help?

Here's my info:


Here's the code to embed that map:

<iframe src="http://ongopongo.com/maps/embed.php?z=2&la=40.979898&lo=-31.992187&h=400&w=600&msid=106079364723975217233.000001134c6f95c536cb6&type=G_NORMAL_MAP&b=no" style="width: 604px; height: 424px;"></iframe>

If the button isn't working for you make sure you have the security settings on your browser set to allow scripts to run on this page. The tool uses a javascript.

Thanks for the tip on the

Thanks for the tip on the security settings. I checked it out and the jave script was enabled, so i'm not sure what the problem is.

I can't get the code you gave me to work. I'm using wordpress. And cut and paste the code into a text box widget. This has worked for me in the past, but now the code disappears. I tried just opening a netscape composer to see if the map would come up if I put the code in there and it disappeared too.

Any ideas?

I just copied and pasted the code and it worked

Maybe check and make sure it's not being filtered somehow? You need to be able to post full HTML code for the iframe to be rendered in your site.

This map also shows up when I tried posting it in a Wordpress blog on my own server and it works fine, but it appears that blogs on wordpress.com can't post iframes. They don't seem to support more advances HTML code.

This tool currently only works with iframes, so you'll have to post it on another blog site or look for an alternate method of embedding the map.

Well, that must be it that

Well, that must be it, wordpress is the problem. Thanks for all your help. Great site.


I acnt download my map in my wiki
I dont know where I past the code , tee is no html
could you please help me


I can help if you give me some more information.

What is the link to the map? To be able to post a map on your site with this tool, you need to have permission to post full HTML. Some blog and wiki supports this and some doesn't. You should contact the admin of the website you are using and ask how you can post an iframe.


Hi Riley,

Love this tool! Thanks!

I'm having a bit of a problem with the map updating itself when I update the markers on my MyMap.

Here's the link to the map on MyMaps: http://www.google.ca/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=117567811...

And the link to where I've embedded it:

As you can see, the markers are quite different... the ongopongo embedded version hasn't updated for a while... is this normal?

Thanks for any help,



I can see most of the markers, but there does seem to be few missing. Is it the newer ones that are missing?

There does seem to be a limit to the number of markers that show up in an embedded map. You can only put 100 markers per page on a Google My Map. The limit for embedded maps seems to be somewhere between 60 and 70. Sometimes there's just a delay on the embedded markers showing up too.

Unless someone can find a better solution, I think the only thing you can do is break up the markers into separate maps and then just embed them all on the same page. I'll look into it, and see if there's any other way to get all the markers to show up.


Thanks. Yeah, I think all the newer ones are the ones not showing up. :)

I've got a Google Maps API key, so I may have to bite the bullet and do it that way, although MyMaps is WAYYYY easier. :) - thanks to your tool, in large part.



You are going to run into the same issue if you use your own API key. I found a way to work it out, but I would have to make a new file for it work. Let me know if you want it and I'll post the way to use it.

BTW- If you want your Google My Map to not be broken up into multiple pages add "&num=1000" to the end of the map's URL. You can change 1000 to be any number greater than the number of markers in your map.


Ok. If you want to embed data or markers from two different Google My Maps in the same map window, here's how you do it:

Add "&msid2=[the-second-msid-goes here]" to the end of the URL in the iframe code.

The code would look like this example:

<iframe src="http://ongopongo.com/maps/embed.php?z=12&la=43.688232&lo=-79.318199&h=400&w=500&msid=117567811604796495343.0004345e86ddd341803b6&type=G_NORMAL_MAP&b=no&msid2=113362370223269431833.000001126bd9d1ce283d7" style="width: 504px; height: 424px;"></iframe>


Thanks very much Riley! :)


Hi Riley,

This code is fantastic!!! I have only one issue. I have added html links on the markers on my map, and on the embedded version, it opens the links within the iframe. Do you have any suggestions on how I can have those links actually function outside the frame?

Here's a link to my embedded map: http://chowdownphoenix.com/chowdownphoenix-restaurant-review-google-map/

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!



Try adding target='_top' (or target='_blank' to open in a new window) to the link.

<a href='http://chowdownphoenix.com/aunt-chiladas-mexican-food-phoenix-az/' target='_top'>Click here to read our complete review</a>


I tried it, and somehow it removes the additional code after I save it. For example, I did the following:

A href="http://chowdownphoenix.com/konos-surf-club-cafe-san-diego-ca/" target="_top"

...and then when I click on the marker again, it looks like:

A href="http://chowdownphoenix.com/konos-surf-club-cafe-san-diego-ca/"


It seems Google isn't supporting it then. I guess you can either make them non-clickable and have users copy and paste. Or you could have the link go to a custom page that fits within the iframe and add the target="_top" there.

Google has been slowly fixing issues like this with the My Maps, so there's a good chance this problem will be resolved in the near future.


hello there

Im trying to use this tool, and the code i get from google is http://maps.google.com/maps?f=l&hl=en&geocode=&q=zPizza&near=chandler+az...

Its not giving me a google MSID is it?

In the end im trying to have a map thats 250 x 250, to the zPizza in Chandler AZ. (used business search)

How come its not giving me a MSID this way?

Please help me get this set up :)


You only have a link to a Google Map search.

You need to make a Google My Map. Go to http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=2 and click the "Create new map" button. It's really easy.

Once you've created the map it will have an msid value in the URL. The you will then be able to use the above too,l and also you can submit your map to ongopongo.


Why can't I click on the polylines placed on my map when using ongopongo?


Unfortunately, there's no easy way to support clickable polylines in the embedded maps at this time. It just a limitation of the Google Maps API.


Thanks. It's annoying that lines are clickable at the google maps page, but not when the map is embedded...


I hear you. Hopefully Google will find a good way to enable this feature.


One more question, but first let me say thanks for this, its making my day a lot easier. Anyways, is there a way to have it so that when you load the embedded map in (from my site) that the placeholder already shows up with the tag i wrote? So it doesnt have to be clicked on to show the info?
Thanks in advance again.


You want the info contained in a map marker to be displayed without it being clicked on by users? I don't think it's possible with a Google My Map. There's probably a way to do this using the Google Maps API though.

All good stuff, but when I

All good stuff, but when I try to use the second map overlay (msid2) I cannot get it to work or doesn't seem to display the one (or any additional items).

Is this a standard google function???

Post the code you are using

Post the code you are using (or at least the URL of the iframe for the map) and I'll see if I can resolve it for you.

Sorry Riley, False alarm,

Sorry Riley,

False alarm, suspect I was trying to use a private rather than public map..

Thanks for the help.

Dunno what I did wrong, but

Dunno what I did wrong, but the placemarker is not showing. Can you help?


Oops! no need. I found the

Oops! no need. I found the error. A word about errors to others. We all know that reading manuals is totally useless... right? even if they are small ones... right? Reading screen directions is about as useless... right? Well, I found out that this is not a desease, but a true syndrom called "I-am-so-good-that-I-dont-need-to-read-explanations"... I apologize to the person who created and maintains this fabulous utility for not reading the screen to start with, and wasting his time on something that was truly very simple.

Thank you for making this utility available to all of us.

entsoft, What did you do to


What did you do to correct your problem, I create one map, everything works fine, the next one does not show the placemarks, it is driving me crazy......

Hi, My page

My page http://www.maccinfo.com/moho/custmaphuge.htm suffers from the "too many markers problem" especially noticeable if you zoom out. There are about 350 markers but many are not displayed. I think you mentioned that earlier that the API method would have the same problem? but that you had a new fix if needed?


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